If we had the power to alter our reality, would you want the ability to control what you create? Let us discuss the issue of our health as an example of what we can do to enhance our reality.

Placebo means “I will please” and nocebo means, “I will harm”.

“There are many examples of studies done on people undergoing surgery who almost want to die to re-contact a loved one. Close to 100% of people under those circumstances die.” Herbert Brown, Harvard Medical School.

Our brain can create illness or remove it. In tests on placebo’s it is customary for people to find real positive results. Between 35% and 45% of the people taking a placebo, receive complete healing. That is why if a drug does 5% better than the placebo it is marketed.

There are two situations that placebo’s do not work. They do not reduce tumors and they do not remove pain in people that have had brain damage from Alzheimer’s disease. They can be an anesthetic for people without brain damage.

It is an interesting fact that the statistical percentage of negative results are just as high for the nocebo effect. If volunteers are told of side effects, 35% to 45% will receive the side effects on sugar pills.

We get an idea of how powerful our brain is in controlling what goes on inside of us from an understanding of placebo and nocebo but how can we use this information to create a better reality for our health and well being?

A rat can be conditioned by receiving a shock after it hears a horn. If the rat then hears a horn, it feels anxious and believes something bad will happen.

Rats that have been conditioned to believe that random bad events happen, lose their muscle, hair, increase their level of body fat and develop “disease” (literally a lack of ease) from the conditioning. Rats that have been conditioned to understand they have challenges and rewards are healthy, develop more muscle and have less fat.

Many people have been conditioned to believe that random bad events happen and feel anxious. When our brain believes something, it can create a response that may not be appropriate or healthy for us.Our brain does not know if we are experiencing a conditioned response or a real threat.

In order to have relief, many people add more conditioning. This does not remove the old conditioning from the non-verbal part of our brain that controls our moods and preparations. The sense something bad will happen must be clarified in the file it is stored and using the language it was written in.

It is possible to remove the conditioning with a re-consolidation exercise. The exercises are available at I Change Reality.

If we look at removing the cause of a nocebo effect and add a positive feeling about ourselves that gives us the sense we will have challenges and rewards, we can create an enhanced opportunity to bring ourselves the physiology that produces health.

Love is a state of consciousness but it is also something we create chemically in our brain. If we have a nocebo effect from conditioning happening to us, our brain is unable to give us the wonderful chemistry that creates a consciousness of love.

The chemistry we have when we are in love is very healing. If it were in a pill, it would be the best medicine you could buy. Each step we take towards removing old conditioning is something we do that is loving for ourselves and in turn, is the most powerful thing we can do to heal the world.

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