The first part of the exercise will be about standing up taking a few steps forward and closing our eyes while we imagine we are walking thru a curtain.

After we imagine we have walked thru the curtain and see the audience, we stop and just let the image go and feel how we feel in our body. Particularly our neck shoulders and back.

We take some slow deep breathes and relax all over our body. We repeat the exercise of walking a few feet and imagining we are going thru a curtain to see an audience looking at us. This time as we walk up, we are relaxing and breathing deeply as we walk as well as when we imagine we step thru the curtain.

We always add how we are feeling to the value or meaning of what we see in the eyes of people that are looking at us. If we are feeling anxious, we will imagine they are feeling superior because we have automatically added a vulnerable affect to our relationship. We will add that feeling to what we imagine they are thinking or feeling when they look at us.

If we become relaxed and feel good in our body, we will have no apprehension or preparation for judgment. We continue to do the exercise until we are very relaxed physically.

We next do something similar to “going thru the curtain and discovering if we are relaxed” but this time we are going to start again from the beginning and after we go thru the curtain, we are going to examine if we feel beautiful. ┬áThis entire exercise is about rewriting how we automatically prepare and the first step is to open the cabinet and bring out the file to examine the contents we will be rewriting.

When we are there in front of the audience, we want to understand that how we feel about our appearance, is what we are going to see in the eyes of the audience. Their eyes are merely a reflection of our own feeling about us.

We want to have a good feeling automatically. When we look at others we see who they are and add that to their appearance. People normally do not add good feelings about themselves to how they see their appearance. If we want substance to have value, we have to begin by seeing it in ourselves.

We want to allow ourselves to feel as beautiful as we have ever felt. In truth, that feeling was how we should feel all the time, the times we feel less is because of an affect of inhibition that prevents us from feeling good about ourselves. We want to feel the way we do with a new outfit on. We are going to feel beautiful and confident.

We continue to do the exercise by walking and feeling more and more beautiful as we go thru the curtain. When we go thru the curtain, we should feel gorgeous or handsome. We repeat the exercise until we feel wonderful. When we feel this way, we will see it in the eyes of those looking at us.

For the final part of the exercise, we want to turn whatever nervous energy we have into excitement. We are going to go onstage one row at a time. When we walk from the line to the podium, each person should feel as though we are walking down the aisle.

This is a special day for us to recognize we are one with everyone. To be one with everyone, we stand up and light our light, so everyone can see it.

The crowd is waiting to see our beauty. This is not something that is just for today, it is how we will see ourselves in others eyes every day, from now on.

Each one of us will stop and feel beautiful and relaxed and look at the audience. The audience will applaud us. If we have time, I would like everyone to get to go up and have applause another time.

For some of us, it may be the first time we have allowed ourselves to see our beauty.

There is a window we have opened to rewrite this affect. This window will stay open another 5 hours and then slam shut. Please be careful to honor the way you feel about yourself.

Please do not forget to continue feeling this way about yourself and do not put yourself in a situation that does not give you a feeling you are beautiful during this time.



Your ideas, thoughts and priorities will still be the same. The natural high of removing an affect that inhibited you from feeling beautiful may not go away. You will also feel beautiful and see much more of the beauty in others as well. When you see their beauty, they will reveal their beauty.

You may want to be happy with others that you love, so bring them so they can share the fun with you.

If the auditorium is too crowded, I hope they will allow people to do this in the hall as well. We will of course have everyone come in to give applause or get on stage after their exercise to feel relaxed and beautiful.

If you have a cool place for people to go for the time they need to continue to feel beautiful while the window is open, please share it.


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