What is the secret to love?

I can tell you the secret to love but even more than tell you I can show you.

The way we are conditioned to feel about ourselves, can create something dreamy or destroy the things that mean the most. When we feel confident, have a good body image, have pride in ourselves, feel lovable, feel creative and excited about our life… we are present, attractive, happy and capable of opening our heart as well as the hearts of those around us.

My father was in a concentration camp, a work camp for seven years and the experience gave him some conditioning of fear, to seek approval and admiration. When I was a young boy my father would tell me I looked like a monster, he would say he did this for my own good so I would work on looking normal.

From the time I was young, no matter how I looked I had feelings of insecurity that made it hard to be confident or happy. I was chased by demons that pushed me to seek admiration. After many years of work, which also helped me to understand how to help others, I was able to rewrite that conditioning and feel handsome. I am now able to see the beauty in others and have an experience of life, that is no less than a different reality.

What opens our heart is the ability to feel vulnerable and feel safe doing that. When we feel good about ourselves, we want to play and open our heart.

Everything is illuminated from within and when we open our heart our light shines so brightly we see flowers and enjoy the beauty of things right in front of us that we did not see before.

The best way to get the conditioning that gives us confidence, a good body image and pride, is to attend one of my “I see my beauty” workshops this year. These workshops give a permanent enhancement to the conditioning we have in our brain. This program in our brain, instantly and automatically gives us the feeling we have about ourselves when we are with others. How we prepare inside automatically when we are with someone, is how we are and we can create love in our life by enhancing how we are, more than what we think or do.

Learning to float improves the way we feel, when we see a swimming pool of water and enhances how we feel about ourselves in the water. When we relax enough to fill our lungs with air and become buoyant, something wonderful happens and we change. From the moment we float on, we stop struggling and play, “how we now are” instantly and automatically prepares us for the water in a better way.

The same thing happens for us during the workshop, we have an experience during the workshop that changes us and enhances how we feel about ourselves when we look into the mirror or the eyes of others. From the moment we take the workshop on, our life is less of a struggle and more enjoyable. We no longer look into someone’s eyes to judge how we should feel about ourselves, we look into someones eyes and show them what is possible.

The workshop “I see my beauty” gives us an experience that permanently improves the perception we have of ourselves. After the workshop, we see others look at us because we are beautiful and lovable. We see our beauty in others eyes instantly and automatically. Just as learning to float is permanent, the way we feel about ourselves with others will have a permanent improvement as well.

How we now are, allows us to open up, like having a new outfit on we are more ourselves, more alive and less inhibited. The comfort and feeling of well being this creates allows us to be relaxed and present. The preparation that happens inside of us allows us to see the beauty in others as well, so we create a better experience for everyone around us. We become a larger person because this is real growth.

The secret to a great relationship, is being capable of opening our heart to create more for ourselves and others. I recommend taking my workshop with someone you care about, so you both feel wonderful about yourselves. When people are comfortable opening their hearts, creating something wonderful just naturally happens.










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